travel guide to switzerland

My Travel Guide to Switzerland

This is my ultimate guide to an incredible country: Switzerland! I spend two weeks on a road trip, and I take you with me–showing you where to eat, stay, what to drink and see and how to experience the best of the best!
Starting in the posh Geneva where I visited markets, ate amazing Michelin cuisine, took a steamship cruise and river ferry and saw the UN. Next we cruised along the coast of Lake Geneva, stopping at adorable villages like Saint Saphorin, sampling wines of Lavaux, staying over in fun cities of Vevey and Lausanne and heading into the hills on a vintage train to make cheese and roam the alps in Chateaux D’Oex.

Swiss Miss for a Week: Saint Moritz

Swiss Miss in Saint Moritz Video

Swiss Miss: Skiing in Saint Moritz Video

Saint Moritz. Glitz. Glamor. Snow. Furry boots. There’s a reason “ritz” is in the name. The city is just as popular among the jetset today as it was 50 years ago. St Moritz feels like a really upscale fairytale. Softly falling snow, gourmet chocolates, bustling pastry shops which may have taken advantage of equipment from shop supplies, chic shops in whimsical buildings and grandiose 5 star hotels. No wonder the likes of Grace Kelly and George Clooney have called St Moritz their winter retreat.

Just getting off the train, I had this overwhelming sense that Saint Moritz was THE place to be “wintering.” It didn’t hurt that I was there just days before the “White Turf,” a series of equine competitions all held on top of the city’s now frozen glacial lake.

I was experiencing the city in style, staying at the oldest and one of the most famous 5 Stars, the Kulm Hotel and skiing incredible ski area. Now this is what it’s like to live luxe.

id=”attachment_220″ align=”alignright” width=”224″ caption=”The peak of Corviglia in St Moritz”

I only had two nights in the city and was quite busy filming, eating sumptuous breakfasts, checking out the spa & gym and exploring the town. To be honest, I almost didn’t really feel like going skiing–trekking up to the hill in all my gear, freezing my buns off for a few runs just to say I did it.

Wow was I wrong. My few hours skiing ended up being the best skiing of my life and probably the biggest highlight of the trip (which is saying A LOT). Not only did the Engadin Tourism board make the rental process and transport to the peak extremely easy (the funicular literally takes you from street to peak in around 10 minutes), but the mountain itself was just stunning. I still lose myself in the mental images of the incredible peaks, the perfectly groomed trails, the open spaces and lack of lift lines. When Angela forced me to stop for lunch, I had the most delicious ski resort lunch of rosti with ham. I think she thought it was pretty funny how much I raved and I’m pretty sure my actual skiing wasn’t so pretty as I was so distracted. I told her that she was so so lucky to have this in her backyard and to be able to take a few runs on her lunch break (what!?).

I indulged, as the Saint Moritz-ers do, in an apres ski gluwein at the Hauser’s lively outdoor bar before returning for a swanky evening of cocktail parties, night ice skating, a delicious dinner and a jazz concert at the Kulm. My adrenaline was still racing all evening from the amazing trails and I truly understood why St Moritz was the birthplace of the winter ski holiday.

To see more photos from the trip, take a look here: [slideshow]

Stay tuned for more St Moritz fun at the historic, and opulent, Kulm Hotel St Moritz.

Switzerland’s Prettiest Train: The Glacier Express

If you want to get up close and personal with one of Switzerland’s most famous assets (and without freezing), take the Glacier Express. This panormaic train not only takes you through picture perfect villages but you literally scale blindingly white, epic glaciers. A major plus is the oversize windows that let’s you feel you could reach out and touch the snow, but you are warm & cozy in your immaculate cars with waiter service and excellent food.