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Kelley Ferro has worked with over 200 travel, food and lifestyle brands throughout the past 8 years. Creating successful campaigns is not only her passion, it’s her life’s work and the team at Kelley Ferro Productions team knows what it takes to create a high quality, highly visible product for world of travelers today.

Ranging from expansive to focused, each one of her successful campaigns include clear cut deliverables, highest quality imagery, widespread distribution and a serious level of professionalism.

No matter if it is TV, video, blog, articles, social media, event, influencer campaign or a combination, the goal is to work together to create something IMPACTFUL.

If you need more proof, take a look at her list of happy customers here: previous clients and sponsors of Kelley Ferro Productions.

Original TV and Video Productions

  • Included distribution to major TV & digital outlets

Social Media Campaigns

Influencer Campaigns

Writing Opportunities

  • Kelley has written cover stories and features for National Geographic, USTOA, Esquire, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and for print magazines such as Go Escape!


  • Underwater & Aerial included

Talk Shows

  • As a travel expert, Kelley has given her tips and tricks on major networks, including NBC & LX TV.

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  • Experienced at hosting, narration and storytelling, Kelley is available to work with your team to produce content. Her past hosting experiences have included CNN, Expedia and Walmart.


  • Industry expert & speaker on a variety of travel, content creation, social media and video production topics at conferences across the globe
  • Previous speaking engagements include: Eye for Travel Conference, Travel Blog Exchange (2 times), TTG/TTI Italy, Travel Blogger Elevator, Social Media Week, Tripfilms Film Festival and Matador Travel Talk & Rock.
  • She’s also been the head of Travel Massive NYC from 2009 to 2014 and Travel Massive LA from 2015 to now.

Examples & Results

Client: United States Tour Operators Association

Target: Millennials

Deliverables: 87 Videos: 19 Destinations, 3-6 videos each; Blog, Photo & Social Media

Title: Live Like a Local & Modern Day Explorer

Partners: Luxury tour operators & destinations

Results: Over 1 million views with included distribution on Amazon, USA Today, Huffington Post, Tripfilms, MSN/Windows, Budget Travel, Tripfilms and more.

Client: Amtrak

Target: New Customers

Deliverables: 15 videos + Social Media

Title: Get Lost on a Train

Results: 575,000 views and counting, 700 comments and included distribution on Amazon, USA Today, Huffington Post, Tripfilms, MSN/Windows, Budget Travel, Tripfilms and more.



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