Lake Geneva Luxury Guide


From the most fabulous hotels to homemade menus at gourmet restaurants, hand crafted wines to Belle Epoque vintage trains, the Lake Geneva region offers so much in the way of luxury.

Featured: The Royal Savoy Hotel, The Grand Hotel Du Lac, L’Auberge de l’Onde, Saint Saphorin, GoldenPass Panoramic Train, GoldenPass Classic train, Chaplin’s World

24 Hours in the Lake Geneva Region

The Lake Geneva region is, simply put, STUNNING. In the Canton of Vaud, the Lake Geneva region has so much natural beauty, between the centuries-old villages, the lakeside views, the UNESCO Lavaux terraced vineyards, the cosmopolitan cities and the striking mountains. We spent a day touring Vevey, stopping at the Farmer’s Market, Charlie Chaplin’s new Chaplin’s World, Nestle’s museum nest, as well at Saint Saphorin. We sipped chasselas with a family run winery in Lavaux and made local cheese up in Château-d’Oex. We explored the green countryside on the GoldenPass Panoramic train through the mountains. There’s so much to say about this amazing region, but it’s probably better to just watch.

Featured: Lausanne, Vevey, Saint-Saphorin, Lavaux, Château-d’Oex, Rougement and The Royal Savoy Hotel, The Grand Hotel du Lac, Chaplin’s World, Le Chalet, Auberge de L’onde, Domaine du Croix Duplex, Le National and more!

7 Tips for Surviving an Overnight Train Trip

You always hear the phrase: “it’s more about the journey than the destination.” I can’t say that I’ve enjoy all my flights more than the place I was traveling to explore, but I can say that train travel is ALL about the journey.
I had traveled on the sleek, timely trains of Europe, crisscrossing Germany, France and Italy, but I had never spent more than a few hours on New Jersey Transit–my only American experience on the rails. I decided to dive head first and take a 3 day, 56 hour direct Amtrak train from blustery Chicago to sunny Los Angeles. I skipped all the the baby steps and dove in full throttle.
Now, spending two nights and 3 full days on a bumpy train without more than a ten minute “smoking stop” to breathe in fresh air, isn’t for everyone. But I have to say, it is an experience that not only teaches you a lot about this beautiful “Fifty Nifty” but also a lot about yourself.
I profiled the food, the sleeper cars, the entertainment options and I even interviewed fellow passengers in this 5 part video series. But most importantly, I’ve come up with my seven best pieces of advice for you enthusiastic train travelers. 7 Tips for Surviving an Overnight Train Trip

1. Turn your phone into a wireless hotspot
There’s very spotty service in many areas that we trained through so don’t be stuck without email, social media & Youtube videos. Make sure you can tether your phone to your laptop so you can catch up on TV shows, track your route and stay connected to the world.
2. Download Entertainment ahead of time
With no wifi on board and limited service via your phone, be sure to pre-download all you need in terms of TV, movies, books & magazines. You’d be amazed at how many series you can crush in 56 hours.
3. Bring Games
Cards and other portable games, just like tridewa, will help pass the time and if you are traveling solo, allow you to meet new people!
4. Separate Bag
When you get on your car, there are designated areas for large bags. They are crowded and you will have to fight the pile of other bags to get to your toothbrush unless you take an auxillary bag. I had a small duffle bag that I had my clothes for the ride, pajamas, toiletries and comfy shoes. This was the only bag I used while on the train and I could keep it right in my cabin. If you don’t have a cabin, make sure it’s small enough to take with you for meals.
5. Check out the Cars
There is a panoramic view car that is wonderful for watching the world go by, but there’s also an upstairs and downstairs food car for a change of scenery. And remember, you can walk to other cars to get your blood pumping!
6. Bring Booze!
If alcohol is not on your menu, ignore this tip. But if it is, know that there aren’t many options on board and the limited selection that is available is very expensive. Bring some bottles of wine, a case of beer or your favorite libation and bring plastic cups. You will thank me later.
7. Window Gaze
Thinking back to this trip, the most magical part was really getting to see the dramatic American landscapes change before your very eyes. Be sure to take photos as you go along and you’ll be shocked at the difference that an hour can make in the moving picture that is outside your window.
Watch the rest of the series here–>

Sleeping on the Rails

Episode 12: Our final stop! Get Lost on Amtrak Series. Kelley takes the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Think you wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping on a train? Think again. The Roomette Cars on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief are actually quite comfortable. They convert from seat to bed, with comfy pillows and space to store your things and move around. Plus you are going somewhere as you are counting sheep!

Vlog: Kelley’s 7 MUSTS for Enjoying the Train

Episode 10: Get Lost on Amtrak Series. Kelley takes the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles.

After finishing the train trip here’s 7 tips that helped make my Amtrak journey the most enjoyable that it could

Top 5 Reasons to Take the Train

Episode 9, Get Lost on Amtrak Series. Kelley takes the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Trains have been crucial to travel for hundreds of years and the beauty of train travel is even more apparent now than ever. After my 50+ hours on the train, I truly understood how much fun and how unique it was to take a journey by train–it’s so much more than just getting from A to B. I boiled it down to my top 5 reasons–see if you agree.

Stop & Go: Chicago

Episode 2 of Get Lost on Amtrak! series
Here are the top things to do, see and eat in Chicago.

Chicago was the starting point of our epic train journey to Los Angeles. We visited on a snowy weekend and made sure that we had a few extra days to explore the windy city’s best sites, eats and activities before we embarked on our journey!

A Day on the Rails with Amtrak’s Southwest Chief

Episode 8, Get Lost on Amtrak Series. Kelley takes the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Want to know what it’s like to spend a full day on the move? I show you from dawn to dusk, what it’s like to spend the day on the rails!

Entertainment on the Train: How to not be bored!

Episode 7, Get Lost on Amtrak Series. Kelley takes the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles.

You might think 45 hours on a train can get boring but think again! I had a great time watching movies, meeting people and doing yoga…!

Eating on the Rails: Food on Amtrak

Episode 5 of Get Lost on Amtrak series
There’s something romantic about a dining car on a train and the Southwest Chief did not disappoint! The food options were great–healthy & tasty for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Butternut squash chicken salad and a signature steak for dinner? Yes, please!