24 Hours in the Lake Geneva Region

The Lake Geneva region is, simply put, STUNNING. In the Canton of Vaud, the Lake Geneva region has so much natural beauty, between the centuries-old villages, the lakeside views, the UNESCO Lavaux terraced vineyards, the cosmopolitan cities and the striking mountains. We spent a day touring Vevey, stopping at the Farmer’s Market, Charlie Chaplin’s new Chaplin’s World, Nestle’s museum nest, as well at Saint Saphorin. We sipped chasselas with a family run winery in Lavaux and made local cheese up in Château-d’Oex. We explored the green countryside on the GoldenPass Panoramic train through the mountains. There’s so much to say about this amazing region, but it’s probably better to just watch.

Featured: Lausanne, Vevey, Saint-Saphorin, Lavaux, Château-d’Oex, Rougement and The Royal Savoy Hotel, The Grand Hotel du Lac, Chaplin’s World, Le Chalet, Auberge de L’onde, Domaine du Croix Duplex, Le National and more!

A Luxury Guide to Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for high quality goods, luxury items and world renowned food and Geneva is a city that perfectly embodies all of this. I spent 3 amazing days in Geneva, staying at the Hotel President Wilson, enjoying their Michelin restaurant, spa and waterfront rooms. I toured through this historic city and it’s many charming neighborhoods, checking out the watches at famous Les Ambassadeurs, sailing on a steam ship lunch cruise and exploring the trendy Carouge district. The Michelin restaurants, like La Flacon, were unrivaled. If you want to live it up in Geneva, check out some of these incredible experiences with me.

Featured: Hotel President Wilson, Les Ambassadeurs, La Savoie Steamship, Glow Bar, Bayview Restaurant by Michael Roth

Food Guide of Geneva

Geneva is internationally known as a hotspot of luxury, culture, business and FOOD. The culinary scene in Geneva benefits from it’s prime location–next to the lake, the countryside, farmland and of course, France! The local farmer’s market in Carouge gave me a taste of the regional specialties. You’ll find a mix of food in the city center, from modern cafes to historic gourmet dining. And don’t forget to reach for that Michelin guide, the city has a high number of Michelin & Gault-Millau restaurants so you’ll be eating very well for every meal here.

Featured in this video: Bayview by Michael Roth, La Flacon, La Savoie Steamship, Hotel President Wilson, Cafe du Centre, Carriage Cafe

24 hour travel guide to geneva switzerland

24 Hours in Geneva, Switzerland

    A mix of culture, history, luxury, great food, iconic sites and lakeside views–it’s not too hard to have a perfect day ins Geneva. I toured through this charming city, which feels more like a village, in order to share my favorite spots with you. The Old Town, or Vieille Ville, the Carouge neighborhood, […]

Budget Winter Weekend Getaways for East Coasters

February can be a hard month. The best of the winter season has past—the coziness of the holidays and chestnuts roasting on an open fire are long gone. The excitement of the New Year in January has faded away and it isn’t March yet, so you can’t quite say Spring is around the corner.

You’re stuck in the lull of winter and perhaps you need a pick-me-up, so what better than a winter getaway? Wouldn’t that be nice…but I know what you’re thinking—you just took that vacation when you had time off or you broke your budget on gifts for family and friends—don’t stress about the finances. There are weekend getaways that will give you the reboot you need at a cost you can afford.

For the East Coaster

It’s snowing and it’s freezing. You knew it would be like this when you moved to this side of the country, so it’s time to embrace it. And although it would be nice to rejuvenate with some Vitamin D on a sandy beach, it can be equally as restorative to get out of town, clear the mind, and slow down life in a winter wonderland—just not the one you might be used to.

  1. A Getaway House, Southern New Hampshire & Upstate New York

A Getaway House is the place for you. A Getaway House is a tiny, flagship house that provides a 2-4 person stay (depending on the house) with modern amenities for cooking and sleeping. It’s solely surrounded by nature—trees, lakes, rocks, and dirt. For those who got inspired by a tiny house like this, they can easily start building a house in cyprus thanks to resources available online.

These cabins allow you the full ability to immerse in nature and yourself or whomever you’re with. The minimalistic environment forces you to explore—whether that’s adventuring on a through the trees on a walk, taking an icy hike in the nearby mountains, getting lost in a book inside the cabin, home-making each of your meals, or having a never-ending conversation around the campfire at night. Although prices change according to day of the week, any Getaway House you choose will not cost over 129$/night and can cost you as low is 89$/night

  1. Maine Huts & Trails, Kingfield ME










So the Getaway House seems nice, but you might want something a little more structured. You’re a free spirit who wants to get in touch with nature, but you don’t just want to wander around the woods—you want a trail. You don’t want to cook for yourself when you’re on a getaway—you want your meals. So if you’re looking for a little less self-guiding and are willing to do a little more spending, Maine Huts & Trails is the way to go.

These ‘huts’ are less hut-ty than the Getaway House for sure. They’re larger and contain more rooms (i.e. a living room and a gear-drying room) because they hold more people—the catch is guests stay in shared bunkrooms (an opportunity to be social?). If you’d like more privacy however, private bunkrooms are available in each hut as well for a pricier cost.

Your list of activity possibilities ranges from fatbiking, to hiking (on many trails that are marked off and have signs) to Nordic skiing to snowshoeing. If you like to adventure more than relax—there will be no shortage here. 3 meals are provided and there are options for guided trips as well in case you’re nervous about venturing out on your own. Depending on date/day of the week/extra amenities you want, you can stay here for as low as 130$/night.

  1. Glamping/Airbnb, You Choose!


There are so many summer towns in New England—from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard to the Hamptons. Many of the property owners want to take advantage of their vacant houses and so they put them up online to be rented at extremely cheap prices due to the off-season. You can hop on these beautiful and fabulous homes this winter for a quick getaway and get out of it truly what you want. If you just want a home a way from home to relax and getaway—you can do it. There are also places near parks and forests where you could figure out a DIY few days and research trails and things to do in the area. Regardless, this option is truly what you make of it, but should really be taken advantage of while the prices are so low this winter!

So, whichever place you choose to go, you’ll be making the most of the season and redefining the stigma associated with the month of February. And the best part is, you will have made your getaway happen without too much spending—so no buyer’s remorse! Anyway, whether you’re taking on an adventure or cozying up to relax, have fun in your newest and very affordable ~winter wonderland~

Happy winter and happy travels!


The Monkey Tree Hotel in Palm Springs

If you haven’t visited Palm Springs yet, you need to go. It is like no other place I’ve ever been. And this little boutique hotel is the perfect oasis for your exploration in the desert. The Monkey Tree Hotel has retro charm, spacious & stylish rooms, great breakfast, fun pools & ideal location in Palm Springs. I have a perfect weekend away, lounging in the floating flamingos, enjoying free Sangria at the tiki bar, using their hot/cold tubs & sauna and just hanging our 1960s theme room.
This hotel has a whole lot of history too! Designed in 1960 by Albert Frey, the Monkey Tree Hotel was a favorite among the Hollywood glamorous set. JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Katherine Hepburn, the Beatles… the list goes on. Ask the husband & wife owners about this–they know all the 60s gossip!