This is South Africa: Overview

USTOA Travel Together Video Series

This stunning country needs no introduction: unparalleled game reserves, a burgeoning food scene, incredible cities and a remarkable history–South Africa is a transportive place that has to be visited to be believed.

Conservation in South Africa

Environmental Consciousness on Tour with Swain Destinations
We travelers know that the reason we travel to destinations is because of the beautiful, well preserved environment. That is why it is important to travel with hotels, restaurants and tour operators that think about their footprint on the environment and do their best to help their surroundings. Swain Tours, a USTOA member, makes sure to only use hotel & activity partners that have conservation as a priority. See all the instances of conservation in South Africa.

Choose Your Own Adventure in South Africa

Freedom to have your Experience while on tour with Swain Destinations
You might think that being a tour means a strict schedule, group activities all the time and no chance to choose what you do. Well, that’s not the case on tours with United States Tour Operator Members.
My trip to South Africa with Swain Destination proved that the ultimate goal of the tour was for us to have our own best possible trip–so we added in more things, had spontaneous roadside stops and had some time for rest. It truly felt like our own trip, just a bit easier & better!

Luxury on Tour with Swain Destinations: South Africa

From the second you get off the plane throughout the whole experience, USTOA member Swain Destinations, makes sure that comfort is on the menu. You don’t have to think while on tour–you can sit back and enjoy world renowned hotels, sip famed wines, taste gourmet meals and leave all the stress out of travel. From Singita Castleton in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve to the One & Only in Capetown, you experience only the best.

Learning from the Locals in South Africa

Having experiences with the local make your trip that much more meaningful and that is why it’s amazing when a tour will allow you to see places, meet people and have experiences you couldn’t have otherwise. Visiting a township, meeting local craftswomen and trying local street food were all on the itinerary and more–and that’s why my trip to South Africa was truly memorable.

South Africa’s Food & Wine Scene

The Food & Wine of South Africa on tour with Swain Destinations
Food is a big part of my travels at least, and when I was heading off to South Africa, I was giddy with excitement as I knew this country was home to a burgeoning food scene and world renowned wines.
My tour with Swain Destinations made sure that we had access to the best of the best–the highest quality dishes handcrafted while in Kruger National Park, incredible wines right from the source in the Cape Winelands and meals at some of the best restaurants in Cape Town. Eat & drink up!