Top 10 Best New Restaurants of Los Angeles

With all the restaurants popping up in Los Angeles, it’s no wonder that the Los Angeles Magazine’s Top Ten Best New Restaurant nomination is a coveted honor. I attended this buzzworthy evening where all the top 10 honorees restaurants brought their best bites forward and us LA foodies got to taste, play and dance under the moonlight of downtown LA.

Restaurants included: République, Smoke.Oil.Salt, Union, Night + Market Song, Faith & Flower and Scopa Italian Roots.

A Foodie’s Roadtrip in California

There’s some incredible food in California and I decided to find the top spots along the California Coast. From Malibu to Solvang, I chowed down on the most delicious lunches, scrumptious breakfasts, tastiest dinners and best vineyards. And it was all the most easy because I was in my Jucy Campervan–it had everything including the kitchen sink on board. Let’s go for a ride!

Roadtrip the California Coast: From Malibu to Solvang

Join me on an adventure, Cali style. I drive my Jucy Campervan up the coat, from Malibu to Solvang and miles of pretty shoreline, dramatic mountains and charming towns in between. I spend the night at Flying Flags RV Park and sleep right on top of my camper, and cook my meals out of my trunk! Convenient & Efficient!

The Food Experience at Wente Vineyards

Not only is the wine superb, the food here is a marvel in it’s own right. Much of the produce is grown in Wente gardens, tended by Dianne, the hardworking, organic gardener. Chef Matt Greco works wonders from lunch, brunch or dinner. He uses the local riches of the Livermore Valley to create mouthwatering appetizers, like the Lamb Pastrami, to succulent vegetable side dishes, to wine-fed cattle and housecured salamis. The homemade breads and desserts are top notch and the wine is the icing on the food experience here.

The Wine Experience at Wente Vineyards

Wente Vineyards is one of the oldest and most famous in the US, so I went to the source, their stunning property in the Livermore Valley of California to find out how they make such good wines. I profile the vineyard and the signature wines of the Wente, from grape to glass style. Don’t miss one of the several Tasting Rooms or the Winemaker’s Studio where you get to play a winemaker and learn about blending wines. Special highlights include interviews with the family owners, Carolyn Wente and winemaker, Karl Wente.

A Perfect Day at Wente Vineyards

One of the most storied vineyards in the US, the Wente Vineyards property in Livermore, California is a delight to visit. From golfing during the day, grabbing lunch at the Grill to tasting in the afternoon or catching one of their legendary concerts in the evening, Wente has everything you are looking for, even if it’s just a good glass of wine or a great view.
Special highlights include interviews with the family owners, Carolyn Wente and winemaker, Karl Wente.

Santa Monica: Best Things to do on the Beach

Get Local in California
I’m a new Cali local and I’m bringing you my tips for top things to do in my ‘hood–Santa Monica. Of course, I had to show you all the things you can do on my favorite part of this town, the BEACH!

Stop & GO: Los Angeles

Episode 11: Our final stop! Get Lost on Amtrak Series. Kelley takes the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Los Angeles.

From Chicago, across the snowy midwest, through the red sands of New Mexico & Arizona, we completed our journey by pulling into Union Station, Los Angeles. The trip had come full circle but it wasn’t over yet! This train traveler was ready to see the sights of Los Angeles and since I was invigorated by my relaxing train ride, I was ready to take Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Venice by storm. Check out this fast-paced 24-hour adventure through the beaches and hills of LA.

Best Eats in Sonoma

Get Lost in Sonoma!
With so many local farms, it’s no wonder that might weekend in Sonoma involved some of the best food that I’ve ever had! From tasty pastries at Costeaux in Healdsburg to a snout-to-tail lip-smacking lunch at Zazu to gourmet dinners at the Girl & the Fig–dining in Sonoma is as beautiful to look at as it is to indulge in!

Get Lost Guide: Top 5 Things to Do in Sonoma

Get Lost with Kelley Ferro in Sonoma
One of California’s top wine destinations, and a perfect weekend getaway, Sonoma offers up so much more than just world famous wine.
From hiking in the Redwoods to cruising along Highway 1, Kelley tells you all the best things to see & do on your trip to Sonoma.