Egyptologists: The Best Guides

It made all the difference that we had extremely bright Egyptologists with us at every site. They made sure to explain all the important parts in a way that was easy to understand and they never tired of all our questions. I learned so much more on this trip than I ever learned in school because of their skills. It truly makes the Egyptian experience come to life.

Hanging Out with Egypt’s Locals

For me the best part of travel is getting to learn about a new place through it’s people. I was amazed at how USTOA member Abercrombie & Kent agreed with that sentiment and made sure that we had many opportunities to meet & interact with true locals. Communicating with them and sharing laughs, foods and stories is truly the magic of travel.

Kelley’s Egypt with Abercrombie & Kent

One of the most storied histories in the world, Egypt has long been a popular destination for it’s history, it’s culture and of course, it’s amazing pyramids & temples. Egypt needs to be on every person’s bucket list–see why this country changed me.

Cruising the Nile River

USTOA Live Like a Local Series
Cruising the Nile with Abercrombie & Kent
The Nile is one of the most incredible places that I’ve ever seen and getting to experience while on board a luxury cruise with USTOA member Abercrombie & Kent, was a personal highlight of my visit to Egypt. You could see the heart of Egypt from the deck and jump on & off at various important stops, like the Temple of Dendara, Valley of the Kings as well as Karnak and Luxor Temples.

Shopping in Egypt’s Local Markets

The tombs aren’t the only Egyptian places full of treasures–one of my favorite parts of the journey was getting to stop at markets & workshops to discover the local crafts, jewels and spices. Luxor Market, a rug cooperative and Giza’s market were a sensory overload and I had to take more than a few treasures home with me.

Egypt’s Local Food

I was thinking a lot about temples & pyramids when I was heading to Egypt but what I didn’t expect was how great the food was! Largely vegetarian, I had the most light and chewy bread, soft & fluffy falafel and surprisingly tasty savory koshary, made with chickpeas & lentils. And the hummus–WOW. From our gourmet restaurants to street food, Egypt’s food is exoctically delicious!