Let’s Plan a Trip

Kelley Ferro has been a leading travel industry professional for almost ten years, and her first-hand experience has given her the knowledge to help others have their perfect trip.

From honeymoons to babymoons, family vacations to weekend getaways, Kelley has planned over 50 successful trips, for friends, family, and referrals.

If you want help in planning your next trip, let us know. We can help you figure out exactly where to go (and where not!), the right hotels, best restaurants and recommended local experiences. We also can suggest tours and activities that you would have never guessed. We can get you the best airfare and the most bang for you buck, through our direct contacts and relationships!

For more information, check out her articles and videos on BEST HOTELS,  FAVORITE DESTINATIONS, and ULTIMATE ESCAPES.

Planning that ultimate trip is easy! Just reach complete the form below!



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