Giving Your Days Excitement in Quarantine

Have you started losing track of days yet? We sure have. But without a weekly schedule, these quarantine days can start to feel the same. So, why not delve into some interesting topics to add a bit of variety? Maybe explore a new hobby or learn something new—like the fascinating history of acrylic nails.

Here are a few tips that might help you to brighten up your week and give you a sense of schedule. 


Themed Date Nights 

With all these nights at home, they can start to blend. Pick one night of the week to have a special date night with your partner (or roommate). Theme the date to make it even more special. This means attire, music, food and tv/movie after. And for some added fun, you can even incorporate playing card games, perhaps through platforms like UFABET คาสิโนสด, to keep the night lively and engaging.

Need some ideas? 

Italian Night: Dress formal, cook a lasagna, break out some red wine and watch Big Night, The Godfather or The Sopranos. Need a semi-formal two-piece dress? You can check out these 2023 two piece dresses for homecoming here for your best preferences!

Island Fever: Concoct mai tais, pop on the Reggae, cook up some pineapple chicken skewers and watch Castaway or 

80s Night: Classic pepperoni pizza, watch Back to the Future and rock whatever 80s clothing you have in your closet. Don’t forget the 80s jams. 

With kids? Themed days!

Make a day feel different by giving it a theme and working your play, books and activities around it. If you are feeling crafty, you can try to theme food around it too. 

— Animal Day – Pick an animal, (ex: dog) and get out all your stuffed dogs, dog books and make pretend leashes for walks, feed them, wash them! If you prefer to adopt real dogs instead, it may be wise to read topics like WoofConnect home boarding for dogs. You may also order food supplements like this powdered pumpkin for dogs to help improve your dog’s digestion.

— Make toy bath and washing them in the  tub, water table or inflatable pool. 

— Bring out the Kitchen: kitchen utensils, mixing bowls and even spices can be a lot fun. Use them for imaginary play or to make instruments. What is mundane to adults is new to kids. 


Catch up with Friends & Family

Pick a cousin, college friend or niece or nephew that you haven’t checked in with in a while and set up a Facetime date. Now is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and catch up. If you have kids, it’s a great way for grandparents, cousins and aunts & uncles to stay connected in their lives. 


Group Games

Fibbage or Quiplash are accessible with a computer or phone and can have up to 8 players. You login with a code so doesn’t matter where you are and everyone can participate in these bluffing/lying games. Make it even better by doing a Facetime or group call at the same time to get reactions. 


Change up your Location

Mostly spend your day in the living room or at your desk? Switch it up if you can. Work (or play) in the front yard, on a roof, a patio or balcony. 

With kids? Set up different activities in different rooms. I did this a lot when my daughter was an infant and we were pretty much homebound. Sometimes just moving from the bedroom to the living room was enough to break up the day. 


Switch your Transportation

With less places to “be,” enjoy the journey. Bike, skateboard, scooter or walk. Sunlight, fresh air and just getting out of the house will definitely improve your mood and outlook. 

With kids? Make sure to include their transportation too! Pull them in a wagon, take them on a bike ride, break out their scooter or push car. This alone is fun and different for your kids. 


Go on a Driving Excursion

Yes, excursions are limited now but just getting in the car and checking out a new neighborhood or new park can give your family a dose of freshness. The drive alone can be the experience! The PCH is one of my favorite scenic drives and there are a lot of fun neighborhoods in LA are fun to cruise. And I know that I am actually enjoying driving now that it is not a necessity. And the biggest plus of all: there’s NO TRAFFIC! 

*If you are going to check out a new park, do your research as some are now closed. 



Setting a few of these up in advance might help your week to have structure and things to look forward too. We can break up the monotony but we have to try a bit harder now…

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