Ritual & Ceremony in Taiwan

The Taiwanese culture is based on ritual and ceremony on my tour, I was able to dive right in to the local customs—from meeting a local calligrapher to praying at Longshan Temple to participating in a tea ceremony.

Taiwanese Culture

I’d never been to Asia and stepping into the Taiwanese culture was thrilling, disorienting, embracing and shocking—I loved every minute of it. The Taiwanese Culture amazes—in custom, religious, attitude and lifestyle—and it was beautiful to see and experience.

Countryside of Taiwan

USTOA’s Live Like a Local Series
Though the city’s are exciting, nothing beats the vivid green and bright blue of Taiwan’s rolling countryside. From Jiofen to Hualian—each small town in the Northern Taiwan countryside was not only stunning, but they each had their own charm. When you go to Taiwan, make sure to get outside of the cities.

Taiwan: A Country Profile

For such a small island nation, Taiwan has so much to see, do, eat and experience. From Taipei to Hualian, city to country, hyper crowded to hyper local—we explored it all, with the locals as our guide.

The Food of Taiwan

This lush island nation has so much variety in fresh local products, it’s no surprise that the food is outstanding! From street food to gourmet, famous food chains to home cooked meals, we dive into Taiwan’s food culture.