Profile of the Overnight Train, the Southwest Chief

Episode 4 of Get Lost on Amtrak! series

See the Roomette that we called home for 2000+ miles, and walk through the Dining car, Cafe car and my favorite, the most popular Observation car!

How to Board your Amtrak Sleeper Car

Episode 3 of Get Lost on Amtrak! series

Off to Union Station, we go to get on our sleeper car to LA. From the easy tickets, friendly staff and exclusive Amtrak lounge, our journey started out in style! Take a look.

How to Pack for an Overnight Train Trip!

Episode 1 of Get Lost on Amtrak series: What to Pack & Know Before You Go

I had never slept overnight on a train before and here I was ready to go on a 45-hour journey across the Fifty Nifty–from Chicago all the way down to Los Angeles. I had no idea what to expect but after careful research and thought, I figured out the best way to pack for different climates as well as my stay on the train. This video should prepare you & give you good tips for your next train journey!

Get Lost on Amtrak! Hotel Palomar in Chicago

Kelley started off her Amtrak cross country journey in the snowy Chicago. She picked the well rated Hotel Palomar as her home base and the hotel did not disappoint. From the great location, comfortable rooms and 5 pm happy hour, Kelley was pleasantly with all facets of the hotel and would give it 7 out 10 stars!