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Lake Geneva: Food Guide

Cheese. Lake fish. Chasselas grapes. Chevreuil. Mushrooms. There's so much good food in the Lake Geneva region, you need to come with an appetite! I toured through Vevey's Farmer's Market, the farms of the Pays D'enhaut, tasting the cheeses of Château-d'Oex, Michelin restaurants L'Auberge de L'Onde & La Brasserie at the Royal Savoy Hotel and sipped wines in Lavaux. Don't miss the lake fish, the family run wineries and vineyards in Lavaux, like Domaine du Croix Duplex, and the amazing cheeses!

The Food of China

On our journey with Wendy Wu Tours, we ate some of the best of the best of China's exciting foods. From a variety of types of noodles (my favorite being "biang biang") to soups, dumplings, hot pot and all sorts of street snacks, eating in China was an adventure. We toured the markets and saw the food come from the source. What was my best meal? Peking duck of course! Live like a Local in China with Kelley Ferro: USTOA Travel Together Series featuring Wendy Wu Tours & Visit China Now

The Food of Brazil: Bahia & Rio de Janeiro

The culture of Brazil translates directly its food—each dish has a history, story and purpose. I loved the rich feijoada, the crispy acaraje, decadent churrascarias and of course, refreshing acai. We bit into the food of Bahia checking out top eats in Salvador & Lencois and then we went on a food BINGE in Rio De Janeiro. YUM. Don't miss the caipirinhas either--they might be my favorite cocktail ever. Live like a Local in Brazil with Kelley Ferro: USTOA Travel Together

The Food of Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬

Join Kelley Ferro as she explorers the food of Papua New Guinea! ✈Join the adventure & SUBSCRIBE▶▶ ▼◦▼◦▼ MORE INFO & LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION ▼◦▼◦▼ Live like a Local in Papua New Guinea USTOA's Travel Together Series hosted by Kelley Ferro Join me as I discover what the locals eat on a food tour of this wild country. Custom tour itinerary provided by Swain Destinations. ➕ FOLLOW KELLEY FERRO 🔸 Facebook: 🔸 Instagram: 🔸 Twitter: 🔸

Las Vegas Food: Nobu

Nobu. 4 letters that embody some of the worlds best Japanese food. Caesar's Palace is home to Nobu Restaurant and Nobu Hotel, so I had to go check them out in this USA Today Foodie series. Check out one of my favorite places in Vegas!

The Food Of Saxony

Live like a Local: Saxony, Germany USTOA's Travel Together Series hosted by Kelley Ferro Giant steins of beer, massive pretzels and pork knuckles the size of your head--Saxony has the large German beer garden fare. However, Saxony also has fine dining, with Michelin starred restaurants and fine German rieslings. We sampled a little bit of all to discover Saxony's food culture.

The Food of Cartagena

Food plays an integral role in the local life of Cartagena and I got a crash course in local cuisine from a chef. We explored the gritty and fascinating Bazurto Market, had a cooking lesson and then I hit up the old city to sample all the international flavors that come together to make Colombian cuisine. From the series: USTOA Live Like a Local in Cartagena

Food on the Tundra

USTOA Live Like a Local Series Churchill, Manitoba is located up near the Arctic and it's only accessible by plane or train. So you might think in the winter, the food couldn't be that fresh. Actually, fresh foods are flown up daily to weekly and our tour with Tauck made sure we had the freshest greens and veggies up North. Also, the local game like elk, bison and venison as well as the arctic char are some of the world's best. Eat up to keep warm in this gorgeously chilly landscape.

Food Guide of Geneva

Geneva is internationally known as a hotspot of luxury, culture, business and FOOD. The culinary scene in Geneva benefits from it's prime location--next to the lake, the countryside, farmland and of course, France! The local farmer's market in Carouge gave me a taste of the regional specialties. You'll find a mix of food in the city center, from modern cafes to historic gourmet dining. And don't forget to reach for that Michelin guide, the city has a high number of Michelin & Gault-Millau restaurants so you'll be eating very well for every meal here. Featured in this video: Bayview by Michael Roth, La Flacon, La Savoie Steamship, Hotel President Wilson,...

The Food of Peru 🍊

USTOA's Travel Together Series hosted by Kelley Ferro! ✈Join the adventure & SUBSCRIBE▶▶ ▼◦▼◦▼ MORE INFO & LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION ▼◦▼◦▼ Live like a Local: Peru YUM! I loved the food of Peru. It was healthy, fresh, local and just delicious. In Lima we had the best local ceviche and even learned how to make it. In the Andes, we dined on local river fish and all sorts of locally grown vegetables. The fruits of the country are the true stars though--many come from the Amazon & the exotic tastes blew me away! ➕ FOLLOW KELLEY FERRO 🔸 Facebook: 🔸 Instagram: 🔸 Twitter: 🔸

The Food of Croatia

USTOA Live Like a Local Series OH the food. You will want to eat everything in this country and you should. The food is divine—from Istrian's truffles, wines, olive oils and honeys, to the freshest fish straight from the sea in the islands and top end restaurants of Split. I devoured this country and was all the better for it.

The Food of South Africa

USTOA Travel Together Video Series The Food & Wine of South Africa on tour with Swain Destinations Food is a big part of my travels at least, and when I was heading off to South Africa, I was giddy with excitement as I knew this country was home to a burgeoning food scene and world renowned wines. My tour with Swain Destinations made sure that we had access to the best of the best--the highest quality dishes handcrafted while in Kruger National Park, incredible wines right from the source in the Cape Winelands and meals at some of the best restaurants in Cape Town. Eat & drink up!

Feasting in Montana: A Long Table Dinner Event

I'd NEVER been to Montana so getting to see it for the first time in the summer, while staying at The Resort at Paws Up, felt too good to be true. But it actually, got even better. The main event of my long weekend with my gal pal Valorie, was The Bounty on the Blackfoot. Several times a year, Paws Up hosts these spectacular outdoor dinners featuring their own Executive Chef Ben Jones, as well as a well regarded guest chef. In this case, we had Chef Brooke Williamson, Top Chef alum and owner of 3 outstanding restaurants in Southern California. This particular dinner was was held on Saturday night,...

The Food of Egypt

USTOA Live Like a Local Series: Exploring Egypt's Local Cuisine with Abercrombie & Kent I was thinking a lot about temples & pyramids when I was heading to Egypt but what I didn't expect was how great the food was! Largely vegetarian, I had the most light and chewy bread, soft & fluffy falafel and surprisingly tasty savory koshary, made with chickpeas & lentils. And the hummus--WOW. From our gourmet restaurants to street food, Egypt's food is exoctically delicious!

Food at The Resort at Paws Up

Open air dinner, picnic on the trail, campfire s'mores, riverside dinners--the food at The Resort at Paws Up is an experience all it's own. Out in the middle of 37,000 acres of Montana wilderness, this resort is elegance meets rustic. From the ample breakfast spread to amazing cozy bar Tank, the upscale Pomp for dinner or even dining in your camp pavilion or wilderness estate--the quality is topnotch. My favorite part--there's a huge focus on local vendors so you are drinking whiskey from down the road, enjoying meats from nearby farms and devouring vegetables from the farmer's market!

Food Profile at the Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort

All inclusives may not always be known for their food, but the dining options at Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort truly impressed me. From French to Mexican, Japanese hibayachi to local seafood--each night was a culinary experience. Plus, as a healthy food lover, I found a lot of fresh, clean options. Oh and the daquiris were good too. See my favorite meals at this resort and don't miss the beach dinner! This video is part of the #BarceloStories series, learn more here:

Food of Taiwan Guide 🍜

Check out this guide to the food of Taiwan from Kelley Ferro! ✈Join the adventure & SUBSCRIBE▶▶ ▼◦▼◦▼ MORE INFO & LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION ▼◦▼◦▼ USTOA's Live Like a Local Series This lush island nation has so much variety in fresh local products, it's no surprise that the food is outstanding! From street food to gourmet, famous food chains to home cooked meals, we dive into Taiwan's food culture. ➕ FOLLOW KELLEY FERRO 🔸 Facebook: 🔸 Instagram: 🔸 Twitter: 🔸

Tuscan Cooking with the Borgo Cooking School

My parents and I spent an amazing day in Tuscany, learning how to cook from top chefs of the Michelin starred Borgo Santo Pietro, a & Châteaux property. We even learned how to make pasta from an Italian mama, Mamma Olga! From homemade ravioli to pork tenderloin and finishing with made from scratch chocolate, we prepared incredible dishes using ingredients from Borgo's farm and garden. Chef Andrea Mattei was more than friendly, approachable and knowledge and we were amazed by his culinary skills--he is a Michelin starred chef after all! Our chocolate lesson was very sweet indeed, taught by Head Pastry Chef Diego Poli. We even were able to enjoy...

Cooking with Locals: Silvia Baracchi of Il Falconiere

I love to EAT Italian food, so it's high time that I learn how to cook it, the Italian way! Michelin star chef, Silvia Baracchi invited myself and my parents to have a cooking class with her at her cute Tuscan kitchen on the breath-taking relais & chateaux estate of Il Falconiere. We made a 3 course meal from scratch, sipping wine, learning tricks and laughing along the way. A bonus is you get to eat what you make later on at their stunning al fresco restaurant. A truly memorable afternoon and meal.

One Day as a Rice Farmer in Chiang Mai

I went to Thailand on my honeymoon and had the chance to stay at the stunning Four Seasons Chiang Mai. Besides the luxurious property, amazing food and incredible service, I had the chance to experience real local life by learning how to grow and harvest rice from local farmers. This staple of the Thai culture has an intensive growing and harvesting process and we were able to get in the paddies and plant & harvest ourselves!

Incredible Thai Food at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Food is very important to me when I travel and I think some of my best meals in Thailand were had during my stay at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai. Of course the Four Seasons brand is known for excellence, but I had no idea just HOW good the food could be. From a droolworthy breakfast buffet, to poolside snacks, rich local lunch specials at the Sala Mae Rim and an unbeatable Italian dinner at Terraces--every bite I had was memorable. Oh, I can't forget the cocktails! Sundowners at the Ratree Bar with handmade snacks were the perfect cap off to each day on this stunning property.

Parducci Wine Cellars: The Wine Experience

In Mendocino County, Parducci Wine Cellars is reinventing the typical wine experience. Not only does this estate care about the environment, limit water usage and give back to the ecosystem where the property lies, but it also is producing pretty incredible wines. I met with owner Tim Thornhill, a Texas cowboy that is approaching wine in a whole new way. I also met with the head winemaker, Bob Swain, to discuss the idea behind True Grit, Parducci Wine Cellars' reserve line. With over 50 years of history, impressive grounds, Redwood Oak Barrels and personal tasting experience, Parducci Wine Cellars is definitely innovating, from grape to glass.

Parducci Wine Cellars: Conservation & Green Initiatives

Parducci Wine Cellars is winning awards & making huge strides in conservation. They've reduced their water usage, have created habitats for local wildlife, and practice sustainable farming methods. They don't use pesticides and rely on nature's own natural methods of regulating their grapes.

Parducci Wine Cellars: The Destination Experience

There's so much to do at Parducci Wine Cellars in Mendocino County. I spent a wonderful few days exploring the beautiful grounds, the sustainable farming practices, the organic garden and the lovely tasting room experience. It's cozy, laidback and everyone that works there really seems to care that you have a great time, enjoy some beautiful wines and appreciate the good life. Plus they have pigs, chickens and sheep to round out the experience. Don't forget to bring a picnic to enjoy on their patio! Don't miss a chance to taste one of the reserve wines, True Grit.