Post Partum Mom Products That You Need

Birthing a baby doesn’t just create a new human. It creates a new mother too. Your body goes from being at its most pregnant, right into labor and delivery and then BAM, you have a newborn baby that you need to care for 24/7. Not only do our bodies have to recover from intense physical and emotional stress, we also are not sleeping much and have to devote our energies to our new little human. CBD Gummies can potentially offer relief during this intense time, helping manage stress and support relaxation amidst the demands of new motherhood. Welcome to parenthood!

I am at 13 weeks postpartum and what has gotten me through the monotony and hard moments, are the little things. Whatever can make recovery, breastfeeding and just general daily life easier, has never been more important. 

The following products have really helped me recover, physically and mentally and also have helped me have a successful breastfeeding journey. 


Postpartum Body


Ondr Wear

Our female bodies go through A LOT during birth.. .and it doesn’t end there. We can feel the aftermath for weeks. Pads, disposable diapers or something along those lines are usually necessary. Ondr Wear is a reusable underwear that is WAY more comfortable, more discreet and more effective than those big fluffy diapers. (You also don’t feel like you are 85). You can also find our recommended vibrating panties here if you want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.



Compression socks and ball!

Not only did these help so much during pregnancy with swollen ankles and tough circulation, but now after birth, they give me more energy to take care of my little ones. Crazy that just helping your blood flow can give you more pep in your step naturally (see what i did there?). They also are cute and have lots of styles and colors. I definitely will continue wearing Comrads for life. 



Milky Mama

We’ve had a pretty positive breastfeeding journey these past 12 weeks. But he is definitely an eater. I’ve had a strong supply luckily but I thank hydration (see the Greater Than rec below) and adding Milky Goddess drops to my daily kale smoothie. These drops actually taste good on their own but I like to throw it into my smoothie (along with coconut water, chia seeds, frozen berries, banana and kale). I think it definitely has helped. 

They also make cookies that taste great but I was little worried about the high calorie content and felt like I didn’t want to consume TOO many–lol.


Sunflower Lecithin

With my first child, I had some painful clogged ducts. Luckily, I have not had a problem this time and I think it’s in part because I take a daily sunflower lecithin to help make sure everything is flowing well. For breastfeeding moms, our breasts are doing a huge job–giving our babies all their nutrients– so I want to support that as much as I can!


Greater Than 

I’ve found that the key to keeping up my milk supply has been hydration (and sleep). I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like so I compensate for it by being as hydrated as I can be. I drink water and seltzers frequently but now adding the Greater Than natural electrolyte drinks, I feel more hydrated because I am drinking even more. The flavors are great–not too sweet but just enough to feel like you are drinking something more exciting than water. I even put them in smoothies sometimes and love how much it improves their taste. I definitely can see myself drinking these with my buoyhealth multivitamins even beyond breastfeeding.