Englischer Garden Park & Eisbach Surfing Wave

Munich’s most famous park gets its glory for good reason. Sprawling fields, a babbling creek, wildflowers & a giant Chinese Pagoda/Biergarten–what’s not to love? The locals certainly do as it was packed on a Thursday. Who doesn’t love a beer in the sun?
And you can’t not stop by to admire the athletic talents of the surfers at the Eisbach. Yes, surfers in the middle of a park, in the middle of a city, in the middle of a landlocked country in Europe. The Eisbach is a man-made surfing wave from a fast flowing river. The wave is narrow so the surfers must be talented, and not to mention, they have quite an audience watching them there every day so only the most confident try it out.

Get Lost in Munich

Get Lost in Germany with Kelley Ferro web series sponsored by Germany Tourism

From the highest peaks, to the rowdiest beer halls to the loveliest outdoor gardens, Kelley takes her show to Germany to discover the best sights, bites & things to do in Munich, Bavaria and Cologne.
THIS EPISODE: Kelley explores the Bavarian capital city of Munich and shows her top picks for what you must do in this historic, beer filled, cultural city! From the Eisbach surfing wave, to the Viktualienmarkt, to donning a dirndl at Lola Paltinger, or even digging in to some pretzels & beer at Hofbrauhaus–she takes you to Munich’s finest!

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